Arafel's Lament
Lyrics by: Mercedes Lackey
Story Source: Ealdwood Stories by C.J. Cherryh
Music by: Leslie Fish / Kathy Mar
Recorded on: Freedom, Flight & Fantasy
Withheld Permission:
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"Arafel's Lament" is based on the Ealdwood Stories by C.J. Cherryh, currently in print as The Dreaming Tree.

Sometimes also called "Arafel's Song" or "Tree of Swords and Jewels". Both Leslie Fish and Kathy Mar have been independently credited with composing the music on different published recordings of the song.

The song won the Pegasus Award for "Best Filk Song" in 1989 (under the title "Arafel's Song (Tree of Swords & Jewels)", and credited to Lackey/Mar).