Leslie Fish is an extremely important figure in filk. She and her then-band, the DeHorn Crew, produced the first ever commercially recorded filk album, Folk Songs for Folk Who Ain't Even Been Yet (1976).

Her song, "Hope Eyrie" is sometimes considered the anthem of Filk. It was the first song to be awarded the Pegasus Award for "Best Original Filk Song", in 1984, the founding year of the Pegasus Awards.

She is also famous for "kipples", putting poems by Rudyard Kipling to music.

Leslie Fish in on the Blanket Permission list, any of her lyrics can be posted to this site.

Leslie Fish was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame when it was founded in 1995. She was won Pegasus Awards for "Best Female Filker" in 1986, and "Best Composer/Writer" in 1987. Her songs have won many other Pegasus Awards.

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