Leetah: Healer's Hands
Lyrics by: Julia Ecklar
Story Source: ElfQuest
Music by: Julia Ecklar
Recorded on: A Wolfrider's Reflections: Songs of Elfquest
Withheld Permission:
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"Leetah: Healer's Hands" is about the inner turmoil Leetah deals with after she kills a troll in order to save her daughter's live in ElfQuest Original Quest #15, "The Quest Usurped".

As a healer in the peaceful Sun Village, she has spent her whole life fighting death, and now she has caused it. As a Sun Villager among Wolfriders and Go-Backs, she has no one she can talk to about her turmoil, which later leads to her to recklessly attempt to bring One-Eye back from the dead.

This song has been re-written by Bob Kanefsky as "Hands of a Dealer"

The lyric writer has explicitly withheld permission to reprint the lyrics to this song, however the lyrics are available from the's online version of the Wolfrider's Reflections Songbook.