Kahvi: Marching Orders
Lyrics by: Leslie Fish
Story Source: ElfQuest
Music by: Leslie Fish
Recorded on: A Wolfrider's Reflections: Songs of Elfquest

Lyrics Edit

Go-Backs, going back -- but held here.
Go-Backs, halted here in the snow.
Go-Backs, with the trolls before us,
War before us. Shout the chorus:
Someday, someday, back we'll go!

Tall deer, that we ride, snow-shrouded,
Tall deer, with their daggered horns,
Tall deer, carry us to battle,
Warriors' cattle. Hard hooves rattle.
Leap and leap, 'til the ice is torn.

Hard hearts, like our weapons wielded.
Hard hearts, tempered strong as steel.
Hard hearts, as the ice has made us,
Hope betrayed us. Trolls invade us.
Strike and strike, for the fire we feel!

Go-Backs, in a rage of hunger.
Go-Backs, only show us how.
Go-Backs like your answers, stranger.
Welcome, ranger, to our danger.
Mount and ride and go back now!