Lord Voll: Marking Time
Lyrics by: Leslie Fish
Story Source: ElfQuest
Music by: Leslie Fish
Recorded on: A Wolfrider's Reflections: Songs of Elfquest

Madeleine Brener re-wrote this song, about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, called "Fight On".

Lyrics Edit

How long? How long? Hold on,
Safe within this womb of living stone.
Nothing changes, nothing grows, fly out as we will.
And yes, I hold us to it still.
How long? How long? Hold on.

How long? How long to stay?
All that we could want within these walls,
Except... we have no children born as long years stretch behind.
And, one by one, the shadows take our minds.
How long? How long to stay?

How long? How long 'til night?
The world outside is only endless foes.
Shall we wither in the dark, or risk our lives in war?
Is there hope outside worth fighting for?
How long? How long 'til night?

Fly on, fly on 'til dawn.
We shall wait no longer for the dark.
Take the chance, take hold of life, do battle with the night.
Follow in my last and bravest flight.
Fly on, fly on 'til dawn!

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