Rayek: Pridefall
Lyrics by: Leslie Fish
Story Source: ElfQuest
Music by: Leslie Fish
Recorded on: A Wolfrider's Reflections: Songs of Elfquest
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Lyrics Edit

If I were skilled at hatred, I'd have split your wolfling heart.
You can't know all the reasons that I've come to take your part,
Or why we fight as allies on this long and bitter quest.
We know which one she loves the more, but which one loves her best?

You came to us a desperate few, with hard but open hands,
And never knew you'd drive me out to drift in alien lands.
Your honesty, your innocence -- they broke my life and pride.
Yet I have reasons, more than one, to battle at your side.

My home and love and standing, all, you fairly won away.
I could not live defeated, so I could no longer stay.
Yet it was I who challenged, and by my own hand I lost.
Now I look back on what I've gained, and wonder at the cost.

Indeed I've changed, old rival! Now among my hard-won gains
I wield the power to win your war, and take what prize remains.
And yet, through loss and victory, one truth I can't decide.
Did I love my own true love less than I loved my pride?