Two Edge: Troll Hall
Lyrics by: Leslie Fish
Story Source: ElfQuest
Music by: Leslie Fish
Recorded on: A Wolfrider's Reflections: Songs of Elfquest

Troll Hall is a song about the character Two-Edge from the comic series ElfQuest.

Bob Kanefsky rewrote the lyrics to this song about the Horta from Star Trek: Original Series in Read My Lips.

Lyrics Edit

I am tall. I am strong. I live deep in the hill.
And I love a good brawl, and I love a good kill.
And that's all I hold true in this whole world of lies.
Damn its heart! Damn its guts! Damn its eyes!

Oh my sire was a troll, and my dam was an elf.
They had plans for my use. I had plans for myself.
From his frame I grew strong. From her wit I grew wise.
Damn their hearts! Damn their guts! Damn their eyes!

I forge chains of intrigue. I make fine tools of war.
I shall stalk through your hold. I shall take every door.
I shall drag down my foe; I shall laugh at her cries.
Damn her heart! Damn her guts! Damn her eyes!

I'll pit elf against troll, your dead peace I'll destroy.
See me now, Mother Dear! Are you proud of your boy?
To my hall they'll all come to the end I've devised.
Damn your heart! Damn your guts! Damn your eyes!