I created this wiki after having looked high and low for a source of this kind of information. Only after doing lots of set up work for FilkEtymology, did I finally find one: Filkipedia.

This leaves me with the dilemma: continue developing FilkEtymology, or move to contributing to Filkipedia.

Arguments in favor of merging into Filkipedia:

  • All other things being equal, it is better to have one wiki with a combined set of resources, than two wikis, each with fewer resources.
  • Filkipedia uses some extremely cool technology. The coolest parts of it are not compatible with Wikia (Probably. Certainly not without huge effort.)
  • Filkipedia a large database already entered.
  • Filkipedia has more established contributors than FilkEtymology (since FilkEtymology is pretty much still just one person's work).

Arguments in favor of continuing with FilkEtymology:

  • Filkipedia has a fairly low profile. I had searched extensively for such a wiki and not come across Filkipedia. I found it after three or four days of fairly intense research, working on FilkEtymology. A wiki needs traffic to attract resources.
  • Filkipedia has a very high barrier to entry as a contributor. Casual users will be discouraged from becoming contributors, again cutting down on the resources available.
  • As a member of Wikia, FilkEtymology automatically is easy to find and easy to join.
  • Wikia has some neat tech as well.
  • Filkipedia's emphases are slightly different. However, they are compatible with my vision; if I went to work on Filkipedia, I expect I could add my emphases to that project. Except for the possibility of some objection from the established residents.

I got stuck on this dilemma and did neither. Which is why worked stalled out on this wiki.